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Bespoke web apps and apps for some of the largest organisations in the world

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    Bespoke software development for some of the largest organisations in the world

    The digital revolution is about time saving automation and the ability to connect with customers or colleagues anywhere. When done right, a bespoke piece of web based software can save lots of money or make lots of money. And Contra does it right. Find out how our software development services can help your organisation

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    Super Agile

    We firmly believe that the Agile software methodology is the best approach for bespoke software. As a result we plan out user stories with the client to describe requirements, we build these in ‘sprints’ (usually two weeks), and have regular demos with the client. This means we are flexible on scope and able to hit tight deadlines.

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    Beautiful User Experiences

    A functional but clunky piece of software can end up costing more in time than it saves. In addition, an ugly difficult to use interface can actually harm its effectiveness, as users give up on using it. We believe in form and function and so have in house UX designers who create delightful user experiences for all our bespoke software an apps.

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    Robust and Secure Code

    We believe robust code can only come through robust and repeatable processes. As a result, we use source control to ensure accurate code tracking, Test Driven Development (TDD) to ensure all code is tested and Continuous Integration to ensure these tests are automatically run when code is committed. We use Continuous Deployment to automate the deployment process, which speeds up delivery and massively reduces configuration errors. With high level hacks occurring every week, it is vital to take security seriously. And we do. Our software meets the rigours of some of the most demanding compliance teams in the world.

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    Technology Agnostic

    We have super smart developers with the latest tools and super powerful hardware. We use what is best for the project; .Net, Ruby, PHP, or Javascript (Angularjs, node.js, knockout), Objective-C or Unity. There is no tribalism here.

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